Account Banking PAIN Base Module

Account Banking PAIN Base Module



This module contains fields and functions that are used by the module for SEPA Credit Transfer (account_banking_sepa_credit_transfer) and SEPA Direct Debit (account_banking_sepa_direct_debit). This module doesn't provide any functionality by itself.

This module was started during the Akretion-Noviat code sprint of November 21st 2013 in Epiais les Louvres (France).


This module depends on :

  • account_payment_order

This module is part of the OCA/bank-payment suite.


  1. Go to Invoicing/Accounting > Configuration > Settings.
  2. On the fields "Initiating Party Issuer" and "Initiating Party Identifier", in the section SEPA/PAIN, you can fill the corresponding identifiers.

If your country requires several identifiers (like Spain), you must:

  1. Go to Invoicing/Accounting > Configuration > Settings.
  2. On the section SEPA/PAIN, check the mark "Multiple identifiers".
  3. Now go to Invoicing/Accounting > Configuration > Management > Payment Modes.
  4. Create a payment mode for your specific bank.
  5. Fill the specific identifiers on the fields "Initiating Party Identifier" and "Initiating Party Issuer".


See 'readme' files of the OCA/bank-payment suite.