Account Invoice Import UBL

Account Invoice Import UBL


导入UBL XML供应商发票/退款

Account Invoice Import UBL

This module is an extension of the module account_invoice_import to add the ability to import UBL XML invoices. The UBL (Universal Business Language) standard is a XML standard for business documents (invoices, purchase orders, etc...) created by OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards). The UBL standard became the ISO/IEC 19845 standard in December 2015 (cf the official announce <>_).

This module works well with e-fff invoices as used in Belgium (e-fff invoices are UBL invoices with an embedded PDF file).


There is no configuration specific to this module. Please refer to the configuration section of the modules account_invoice_import and account_tax_unece.


Refer to the usage section of the module account_invoice_import.