MIS Builder Budget

MIS Builder Budget

MIS Builder Budget

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Create budgets for MIS reports.

This module lets you create budgets for any MIS report. Several budgets can be created for a given report template (ie one budget per year). Budget figures are provided at the KPI level, with different time periods. A budget can then be selected as a data source for a MIS report column, and the report will show the budgeted values for each KPI, adjusted for the period of the column.

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To use this module, you first need to flag at least some KPI in a MIS report to be budgetable. You also need to configure the accumulation method on the KPI according to their type.

The accumulation method determines how budgeted values spanning over a time period are transformed to match the reporting period.

  • Sum: values of shorter period are added, values of longest or partially overlapping periods are adjusted pro-rata temporis (eg monetary amount such as revenue).
  • Average: values of included period are averaged with a pro-rata temporis weight. Typically used for values that do not accumulate over time (eg a number of employees).

When KPI are configured, you need to create a budget, then click on the budget items button to create or import the budgeted amounts for all your KPI and time periods.

Finally, a column (aka period) must be added to a MIS report instance, selecting your newly created budget as a data source. The data will be adjusted to the reporting period when displayed. Columns can be compared by adding a column of type "comparison" or "sum".

Known issues / Roadmap

The mis_builder and known issues can be found on GitHub.

Changelog (2018-06-30)

  • [IMP] Support analytic tags in budget items () (2018-05-02)

  • [FIX] #NAME error in out-of-order computation of non budgetable items in budget columns () (2017-11-14)

New features:

  • [ADD] multi-company record rule for MIS Budgets () (2017-10-01)

First version.

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