More pythonic relativedelta

More pythonic relativedelta


This addon provides a reimplementation of OpenERP's pyjs relativedelta class using Moment.js ().

On top of what you can do with the original, you can use

  • datetime objects
  • relativedelta(hour=0-23, hours=0-23)
  • relativedelta(minute=0-59, minutes=0-59)
  • relativedelta(seconds=0-59, seconds=0-59)
  • relativedelta(weekday=0) [MO] ... weekday=6 [SU]
    • there's no MO(+n) syntax, but that can be simulated by relativedelta(weeks=+(n-1), days=1, weekday=0), this week's monday would be relativedelta(weeks=-1, days=1, weekday=0) etc.
  • all of them together in a predictable manner as detailed in


Simply depend on web_relativedelta and enjoy most of python's relativedelta functionality