Recently Viewed Products

Recently Viewed Products

Recently Viewed Products

Let the users keep track of the products they saw on the ecommerce. Uses the session id as a key to store the product history, so it works for both authenticated and anonymous users


Open some products pages on the e-commerce, then hover or click on 'Recent Products' in the top menu. You should see a page or a popover (click vs hover) with your last viewed products.

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Known Issues / Roadmap

  • 'Add to cart' button near viewed products not already in the cart
  • Translations
  • Tests
  • Configurable options like number of shown results
  • Counter near the 'My Products' link, like the cart counter
  • Save product views for user if logged in so that they remain saved cross-session.
  • Backend view of the records and analytics (probably better to split this in another module)



  • Leonardo Donelli <>


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