Web Domain Field

Web Domain Field

Web Domain Field

When you define a view you can specify on the relational fields a domain attribute. This attribute is evaluated as filter to apply when displaying existing records for selection.

<field name="product_id" domain="[('type','=','product')]"/>

The value provided for the domain attribute must be a string representing a valid Odoo domain. This string is evaluated on the client side in a restricted context where we can reference as right operand the values of fields present into the form and a limited set of functions.

In this context it's hard to build complex domain and we are facing to some limitations as:

  • The syntax to include in your domain a criteria involving values from a x2many field is complex.
  • The right side of domain in case of x2many can involve huge amount of ids (performance problem).
  • Domains computed by an onchange on an other field are not recomputed when you modify the form and don't modify the field triggering the onchange.
  • It's not possible to extend an existing domain. You must completely redefine the domain in your specialized addon
  • etc...

In order to mitigate these limitations this new addon allows you to use the value of a field as domain of an other field in the xml definition of your view.

<field name="product_id_domain" invisible="1"/>
<field name="product_id" domain="product_id_domain"/>

The field used as domain must provide the domain as a JSON encoded string.

product_id_domain = fields.Char(

def _compute_product_id_domain(self):
    for rec in self:
        rec.product_id_domain = json.dumps(
            [('type', '=', 'product'), ('name', 'like', rec.name)]


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